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About The Book

Swaraj is a book written by Indian social activist-turned-politician, Arvind Kejriwal. The author of the book credits several other people for the contribution to the book along with him. The book was published in Indian regional languages like Hindi and Malayalam as well. The book deals with raising questions on existing democratic framework in the country and simultaneously proposes a way to the real empowerment of people of the nation.

The year 2011 saw a revolutionary outbreak in the country. There was a series of protests and proposals to the government in an aim of establishing a strong legislation where people of the nation are empowered and corruption is abolished in the government system. The movement is called as 2011 Indian Anti-Corruption Movement, led by the social activist, Anna Hazare. Hazare's key lieutenant, Arvind Kejriwal, played an important role in the movement. The movement proposed a bill called Jan Lokpal Bill, which will attempt to abolish the corruption in the system and provide a transparent government structure. At the time of the movement, many promises were made by the existing government, but most of them were futile.

This book is written to show the people of the country — India — as to what everyone can do and also what the opinion makers and political establishment in India can do to attain true Swaraj, or self-rule. This edition was published in paperback, on October 10, 2012.

Key Features

  • The book was written by the 7th Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal.
  • Apart from English, the book has been translated into other Indian regional languages as well.
Product Info
Book Type Current Affairs
Binding Paperback
ISBN 9789350295441
Pages 176 PAGES
Publication Year 24 November 2014)

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