Dictionary of Food and Nutrition - Paperback – 2014 by Mark Thompson (Author)

 Dictionary of Food and Nutrition    - Paperback – 2014 by Mark Thompson (Author)
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The Dictionary of Food and Nutrition has been prepared by referring to various authentic and reliable sources textbooks, journals, magazines, encyclopedias. culinary books as well as by interacting with experts of the subject. It contains both simple as well as complex terms, which provide basic information about a wide variety of dishes from all over the world.

The dictionary consists of more than 6,000 entries explained in easy-to-understand, simple and lucid language. They cover food items from almost every part of the globe. Particular attention has been paid so as to cover almost every cereal, pulse, fruit, vegetable, mushroom, bird, animal, fish besides a whole host of seafood. There are entries on condiments, wines, liquors and nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, vitamins, fiber, amino acids, etc. Nutritional facts and food values of various food items and delicacies have also been mentioned wherever necessary. To make the dictionary much more interesting and comprehensible, illustrations of a large number of popular dishes have been included.

The dictionary will be very useful for cooks, chefs, meal planners, caterers, students and instructors, as well as for those concerned with home economics and food technology. It will prove to be a handy guide for everyone.

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Author(s) Mark Thompson
ISBN 978-817245534

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