Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism: By Swami Achuthananda

Many Many Many Gods of Hinduism:  By Swami Achuthananda
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"Religion is the opium of the people," said Karl Marx many centuries ago. For more than a billion people living in India and abroad, Hinduism is the religion and a way of life. In this book Swami Achuthananda cracks open the opium poppy pods, analyzes the causes for euphoria, and comes away with a deeper understanding of the people and their religion. This is a comprehensive book on Hinduism. It tells you why Hindus do the things they do - and don't. Written in a casual style, the book guides you through the fundamentals of the religion. It then goes further and debunks a number of long-standing myths, some of them coming from the academia (of all places). While most books shy away from contentious issues, this book plunges headlong by taking on controversies, like the Aryan Invasion Theory, idol worship, RISA scholarship and many more. In fact one-third of the book is just on controversies that you rarely find in any other literature.

Product Info
Author(s) Swami Achuthananda
ISBN 9781481825528
Pages 209 pages
Publication Year 2 July 2013

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