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 Our Impossible Love     - Paperback – 15 Jan 2016
A romantic bestseller, 'Our Impossible Love' is centered around the growing up years of a young Ai..
Rs199.00 Rs159.00
 The Best of Durjoy Dutta:    Box Set     -  Paperback – 15 Dec 2015
The Best of Durjoy Dutta: Box Set is a mixture of love and relationships and the issues related to..
Rs799.00 Rs559.00
 World's Best Boyfriend     -  Paperback – 24 Apr 2015
The book is a complete package defining love, friendship, betrayal and hatred that exists between ..
Rs175.00 Rs126.00
Hold My Hand  By   Durjoy  Datta
…The rest shall follow Deep, an awkward young man obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream ..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
If Its Not Forever, Its Not Love  By   Durjoy Datta
f It's Not Forever, It's Not Love is a romantic story of a group of friends who find the diary of a ..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
Now That You’re Rich Let’s Fall in Love!  By    Durjoy   Datta  ,  Maanvi    Ahuja
For Abhijeet, Saurav, Shruti, Garima life is about to change. They have the most sought after jobs i..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
Of Course I Love You Till I Find Someone Better   By    Durjoy Datta, Maanvi Ahuja
Let love be your guide… All Debashish cares about is getting laid. His relationships are mostly sho..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
Oh Yes, I’m Single! And So Is My Girlfriend!  By    Durjoy Datta, Neeti Rustagi
How do you know it’s love and not just another relationship? Joy never did. Relationships have never..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
She Broke Up, I Didn’t! I Just Kissed Someone Else!  By   Durjoy Datta
Deb is absolutely crazily in love with the stunning Avantika. He can’t believe that she is his. Thei..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
Someone Like You  By   Nikita  Singh   &  Durjoy  Datta
The hum of a motorbike. The uproar of the crowd in the stadium. The cheering and clapping. All fe..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
Till the Last Breath  By   Durjoy  Datta
Till the Last Breath is a book about two youngsters who are fighting for their lives but are uncerta..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
When Only Love Remains  By   Durjoy Datta
I’ve imagined this in my head so many times. I’ve always thought about what I would say; what I woul..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
You Were My Crush... Till You Said You Love Me! By  Datta durjoy with Ghai Orvana
You Were My Crush: Till You Said You Love Me revolves around the lives of Benoy a super rich kid and..
Rs175.00 Rs144.00
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